Descriptions for Volapük variants

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Wed Jan 11 00:59:07 CET 2012

Den 2012-01-09 18:36, skrev "John Cowan" <cowan at>:

> Doug Ewell scripsit:
>> Since the names "Volapük rigik" and "Volapük nulik" were given first
>> by Michael, and used in the e-mail subject lines, I'm not sure why
>> 'jleyer' and 'dejong' would be considered better subtag values than
>> 'rigik' and 'nulik'.  I'm sure there are perfectly good reasons.
> The names of Schleyer and De Jong are far better known in connection
> with the two dialects than their Volapuk descriptions are.  In fact,
> I would propose 'schleyer' rather than 'jleyer' for even more readability.

And I'd prefer avoiding names of people, however prominent in connection
with this language. Thus I'd prefer 'rigik' and 'nulik' (since apparently
this is what these variants are called in Volapük itself).

    /Kent K

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