Descriptions for Volapük variants

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Jan 9 18:12:39 CET 2012

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

> Description: Volapük rigik or Schleyerian Volapük

> Description: Volapük nulik, Volapük perevidöl, Dejongian Volapük, Modern Volapük

These should be separated into multiple Description fields:

Description: Volapük rigik
Description: Schleyerian Volapük


Description: Volapük nulik
Description: Volapük perevidöl
Description: Dejongian Volapük
Description: Modern Volapük

Since the names "Volapük rigik" and "Volapük nulik" were given first
Michael, and used in the e-mail subject lines, I'm not sure why 'jleyer'
and 'dejong' would be considered better subtag values than 'rigik' and
'nulik'.  I'm sure there are perfectly good reasons.

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