ISO 639-3 changes

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Feb 9 02:41:46 CET 2012

John Cowan wrote:

> Doug Ewell scripsit:
>> 639-3 change (retirement, new language, update).
> I'd say the right order is "new language", "update", "retirement".

I hadn't thought they would necessarily be sent in batches to IANA, only 
to this list.  If I remember correctly, in the past I posted 639-3-based 
records and forms to the list in batches, but I sent them to Michael for 
submission to IANA all at once.  I'm not sure whether it's best to have 
IANA do several Registry updates in a case like this, or just one.

Anyway, if they do all go to IANA at the same time, the "right order" to 
post them on the list becomes kind of moot.  The simple cases should 
probably go first, as opposed to changes that cascade over into several 

I need to wait a few days anyway for ISO 639-3/RA to fix a couple of 
errors in the data files.

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