gender voice variants

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at
Thu Dec 20 18:40:46 CET 2012

So, if I understand you correctly, you expect 
(only) to pick a UI message template and change 
it a little before the actual use, and that 
little (grammatical) change would be completely 
provided for by the 4 combinations of 
actor/recipient genders in subtag.

What you want happens to be a small-ish hints 
system for the grammar engine, not a tag for 
'gender speech/mode'. Shouldn't you refer to 
grammar in subtag description, then?


On 12/20/2012 07:21 PM, Peter Constable wrote:
> From: ietf-languages-bounces at [mailto:ietf-languages-bounces at] On Behalf Of Yury Tarasievich
>> More, without broader analysis, you might not even be able to identify the "gender" of narrator.
> That's not an issue for the usage scenarios I'm concerned about. The scenarios are text or speech resources used in user interfaces, not linguistic description of a corpus.

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