preliminary registration proposal for variant subtags "gendmale", "gendfem", "gendneut"

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Dec 20 06:39:39 CET 2012

Mark Davis ☕ scripsit:

> I just gave a clear example. In Italian, when you say "Welcome", it has to
> be inflected for the audience (a vs o), *not* the speaker. And when someone
> is logged in, and has supplied their gender, then we pick a different
> message according to their their stated gender.

It's trivial to see that both the speaker's and the listener's gender
may be relevant.  In languages where predicate adjectives describing
persons are inflected in a way that agrees natural gender, a sentence
like "I am X" will inflect X according to the speaker's gender, whereas
"You are X" will inflect according to the listener's.

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