gender voice variants

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Thu Dec 20 00:07:15 CET 2012

Milos Rancic <millosh at gmail dot com> wrote:

> That's not a rocket science. The needed actions are:
> * Recognize gender category as subtag (let's say "-gender-").
> * Recognize masculine and feminine genders (-gender-m-, -gender-f-).
> * Stay open if someone comes with sensible suggestion for particular
> language. (For example, Luganda could have "lg-gender-7".)

Variants don't normally have complex structure like this. The Resian 
variants can form a lengthy chain, like "sl-rozaj-biske-1994", but 
that's not quite the same. And you couldn't have single-letter variants 
like 'm' and 'f' and '7' anyway.

What you're describing sounds more like an extension. This might be 
wholly appropriate, if some list members feel these gender (etc.) 
distinctions are "information that is commonly used in association with 
languages or language tags but that is not part of language 

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