pseudo-localization variants

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Wed Dec 19 22:35:46 CET 2012

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> Amazon currently has five pseudo-translators, not all of which produce "English" output:
> - "zenkaku" (full-width English)
> - "traditional" letter replacement
> - transliterated to kana
> - transliterated to Cyrillic
> - replacement with characters from specific Unicode blocks (generally Han ideographs)
> Of these, only the first two are "readable" as English.

Only two are readable by people that only ever learned common English orthography. But all  can be read as English if you happen to know the orthography. (That would be true even of the last, unless that replaces in a random way -- it's not a cipher.)

>> Why should a private-use scenario be of concern?
> Private use isn't, but general interchange of these texts *is* of concern.

Yes, add to my last response on Michael's question the issue of public interchange.


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