Code [zgh] adopted (ISO639-3)

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Dec 18 03:41:23 CET 2012

Patrick wrote:

>> Doug Ewell scripsit :
>> This came the day before the end of the comment period for the
>> 2012 series change requests for 639-3.
> I'm not too sure why this is important.

I mentioned it because much is made of the annual ISO 639-3 change 
cycle, and for most requests, if they are not acted upon during the 
current cycle, one must wait another year for the next cycle, and yet 
there are requests such as this one that are processed in between 

I have no problem with 'zgh', and I'm glad you were able to get your 
request processed, even if there was some delay. I wonder sometimes if 
this will ever happen for Medieval and Ecclesiastical and Katharevousa 

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