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Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Dec 15 20:11:01 CET 2012

Richard BUDELBERGER <budelberger dot richard at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

> Writing « The code [zgh] named Standard Moroccan Tamazight »
> is as stupid as to say « The code [fr] named Standard French le
> français ».

It suggests to me that the JAC adopted "amazighe standard marocain" as 
an alternate name for the language. They have done this before for sign 
languages (see e.g. 'csc'). There doesn't seem to be any strict 
guideline as to when they do or do not adopt translations of names into 
639-3. Usually when they do, at least for sign languages, the 
translations are limited to the spoken languages in use where the sign 
language is used.

For the IANA Language Subtag Registry, it is up to this group to decide 
whether to adopt all translated forms from a source standard, though we 
pretty much always do because of our reading of Section 3.1.5.

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