Registry fixed (was: Re: Records Missing Required Field: jkp, nph, tvt)

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Aug 28 04:56:55 CEST 2012

Gordon P. Hemsley wrote:

> AFAICT, those additions were already in Registry version 2012-08-26.
> The only problems were the 3 aforementioned entries (one of which was
> a brand new subtag).

This is true. The second 2012-08-27 version was the first one to have 
both the new and modified records AND the corrections to the clerical 
errors. That's all I was saying.

> Everything is fixed now, but I worry: Is there any policy about how
> many times the Registry is updated in one day? Because I already
> downloaded the Registry version 2012-08-27 earlier, when it only
> contained the delimiter correction. Now when I download it again, it
> has those 3 entries fixed, too, but the date has not changed.
> Since the Registry is versioned by date, wouldn't it be best to ensure
> that only one update occurs per day?

Actually, Section 5.1 does say: "There SHALL be at most one version of 
the registry published in a day." I think the intent here was to cover 
well-formed releases of the Registry, not corrections to syntactically 
invalid releases, but the problem of stability based on date uniqueness 
exists either way.

Strictly speaking, I suppose IANA should have waited until Tuesday to 
publish a Registry with the second set of corrections (the missing Added 
records), but the first two releases were ill-formed due to the errors 
and it didn't occur to me, when sending Amanda the corrections, that 
ill-formed releases were covered by this rule. I'll keep that in mind 
next time.

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