Registrations for Slovenian

Tomaz Erjavec tomaz.erjavec at
Fri Apr 27 11:08:46 CEST 2012

in the next mails I will send 1 request for extension and 3 requests for new subtags, all for Slovenian.
The first request is for an additional name for Slovenian, "Slovene" as it is also used a lot.
The other three: I've been working on a corpus of historical Slovene lately, and found that I would need tags for orthographical variants of Slovenian used in the XIX century. And, as it seems nobody else has yet proposed these tags, I'm doing so now. 
If the forms lack some information or should be corrected, I'll be happy to do so.
All the best,
Tomaž Erjavec,
Dept. of Knowledge Technologies, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

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