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CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> Are there many documents written in this orthography on the web?   
> ...
> Peter's earlier post I think stresses that we need just the subtags for the orthographies that we are likely to encounter on the net.  (Though of course if there is any document in the pre-1911 orthography on the net at all, and you want a subtag to tag it, then request one, of course.)

Peter didn't say "on the web" or "on the net."  He said "for public data
interchange among general users."  There's a difference; although it may
seem hard to believe sometimes, there is still data that is publicly
interchanged in forms other than Web pages.  BCP 47 tags are meant to be
useful for any such data.

I do agree with Peter, and probably with CE, that subtags should be
registered for the purpose of tagging real data that is publicly
interchanged, and not just to provide a historical record.

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