Additional descriptions for territories

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Tue Oct 4 23:41:47 CEST 2011

Den 2011-10-04 16:33, skrev "Frank Ellermann"
<hmdmhdfmhdjmzdtjmzdtzktdkztdjz at>:

> On 3 October 2011 21:05, CE Whitehead wrote:
>>> As an example, I agree completely with "East Germany" and "Laos"
>>> and "South Yemen"
> [...]
>> I agree like Doug on changing the definitions of a few region
>> subtags to "East Germany," "South Yemen," "Laos," as well as the
>> definition to "Libya."  As for the Soviet Union and Union of
>> Soviet Socialist Republics, both names are o.k. IMO, but as this
>> is a deprecated subtag; let it be
> Please limit "description beautification" efforts to tags that are
> not deprecated.  E.g., I'd prefer to keep "dd" and "yd" as is, the
> "d" never stood for "East" or "South".

That seems irrelevant.

>  OTOH a new description for
> "su" _could_ better explain the subtag, but folks looking for the
> old official name might disagree.  If you seriously want to play
> with those deprecated subtags do it in a comment or in a second
> description, otherwise keep it "as is".

All that has (off-handedly) been proposed is to add second
descriptions. Nothing else (apart from one description that is
actually two descriptions of the same territory).

    /Kent K

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