Change in Sind Description

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon May 9 18:41:43 CEST 2011

Michael Everson replied to Mark Davis:

>> I noticed that the first description for Sindhi was changed from
>> Sindhi to Khudawadi. Can someone explain what happened?
> The more common name is Khudawadi; this was accepted by the UTC and
> is also in the Roadmap. See

And from a purely administrative BCP 47 standpoint:

* the change to ISO 15924 (among others) was dated 2010-12-21;

* a proposal to make the corresponding change to the Registry was sent
  to this list a day later;

* no comments on this proposal were received on the list;

* the forms were forwarded to IANA around 2011-01-07;

* the Registry was re-issued on 2011-01-11 with this change, and a note
  was posted that day to ietf-languages-announcements.

Description fields for subtags taken from core standards are typically
adjusted like this whenever the reference names in the core standard are

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