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Have you contacted Linguist List wrt Neo? Up to now, the RA for 639-3 has coordinated with Linguist List on cataloguing of ancient, historic and constructed languages, and so would likely be relying on their evaluation in this case. Perhaps it could help expedite your case if you engage with them while you wait on the 639-3 RA to catch up on the 2010 backlog.


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I'll be publishing a translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Neo (Los Aventuros de Alis in Marvoland) in Neo -- -- later this year or sometime next, and Neo hasn't got an ISO 639 language tag. I filed a request today with the ISO 639-3 authority for the tag "neu". Failing that we would need a subtag to "art" here... I guess neo1961 would do. 

Editions of Alice in Scots, Ulster Scots, Sussex, and Appalachian are also in progress. For Scots and Ulster Scots we have "sco" and "sco-ulster" respectively. I could propose "sussex" for the first. For the second...?  

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