Applying for a Neo subtag

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Mar 7 19:24:19 CET 2011

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

> [...] Neo hasn't got an ISO 639 language tag. I filed a request today with the ISO 639-3 authority for the tag "neu". Failing that we would need a subtag to "art" here... I guess neo1961 would do.

Kent's reply is correct.  In case ISO 639-3/RA rejects Michael's
request, the alternative course of action("discouraged" according to
Section 2.2.1) is to propose a registered language subtag, not a variant
under 'art' or anything else.

Back in the RFC 1766 and 3066 whole-tag days, the first (and only)
course was indeed to register tags beginning with "art-" or "i-".  That
approach was not "discouraged" since ISO 639-3, which attempts to encode
all languages and not just well-documented ones, did not exist at the

BCP 47 does indeed refer to all of the components making up a language
tag as "subtags," regardless of their position within the tag, and does
use the term "collection" as the Scope value for language subtags
derived from ISO 639-5 (including 'bh', which exists in 639-1).

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