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 > I'll be publishing a translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Neo (Los Aventuros de Alis in Marvoland) in Neo -- -- later this year or sometime next, and Neo hasn't got an ISO 639 language tag. I filed a request today with the ISO 639-3 authority for the tag "neu". Failing that we would need a subtag to "art" here... I guess neo1961 would do.I did look briefly at Neo.  It does not seem to have a lot of users but I can't speak on this.It looks a bit like Italian to me (when I say it to myself aloud I can hear the Italian intonation pattern).But I am not suggesting Italian as a prefix; just making a comment about the apparent intonation.
> Editions of Alice in Scots, Ulster Scots, Sussex, and Appalachian are also in progress. For Scots and Ulster Scots we have "sco" and "sco-ulster" respectively. I could propose "sussex" for the first. For the second...?  
If you need a reference, below are quick links I found courtesy of google: georgetown info. suggests that there is at least more than one spoken variety and that jibes with what I know based on a relative who has a family member from East Tennessee.But I suppose you have enough information about it?Best,--C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at 
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