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> Hello,
> Please find below a variant creation request for Kichwa.
> I am available for any further question about the request, I subscribed to
> the mailing-list so you don't need to Cc me on the messages. The main
> point on this request is to be able to create a new wikipedia project in
> this variant of the quechua language, which has official status in Ecuador
> (see below).
> With kind regards,
> Sylvain Mailler
>    1. Name of requester: Mailler Sylvain
>    2. E-mail address of requester: mailler at
>    3. Record Requested:
>       Type:Variant
>       Subtag:kichwa
>       Description:Shukllachishka kichwa (Kichwa Unificado (es) / Unified
> kichwa (en)) is a set of spelling and grammar rules that applies to
> all the regiolects of the quechua macrolanguage spoken in Ecuador.

I find the description is too long, and should be divided up into
alternatives; something like this:

Description: Shukllachishka kichwa
Description: Kichwa unificado
Description: Unified kichwa

Though the name of the field is "description", it is more like "full name",
rather than giving a description.

(Possibly with the English name first, as autonyms are usually only given as
alternative names.)

>       Prefix:qu

Which are the individual languages covered by this orthography? Should the
codes for those be used as prefix instead of "qu"?

>       Preferred-Value:
>       Deprecated:
>       Suppress-Script:

The empty fields here should be omitted.

>       Comments:The Unified kichwa is a normalized grammar and spelling
> that intends to cover all the variants of quechua spoken in Ecuador.
> It is normalized by Governmental institutions (e.g. National

"e.g." here?

> direction of the bilingual education - DINEIB), and by ALKI
> (Academia de la lengua kichwa). The kichwa language is co-official
> in Ecuador (Spanish is the official language, kichwa and Shuar are
> official languages "for intercultural communication" according to
> Art. 2 of the current Constitution of Ecuador). An official Unified
> Kichwa translation of the Constitution of Ecuador is published on
> the website of the Parliament of Ecuador
> (
> re/d67d4423-9f00-4f11-b9f4-479d90c5316b/constitucionkichwaI_FINAL.pdf).
> Therefore, there is a system of bilingual education in all the
> kichwa-speaking areas of the country, where the Unified Kichwa is
> taught.

As a comment intended for inclusion in the registry, I find this too long as
well. As a part of the application it is fine (though it could omit the
sentence starting "An official..."), I'd suggest in point 4. I'd suggest for
the comment field:

Comments: Unified Kichwa is a orthography that covers all the variants of
Quechua spoken in Ecuador.

(The comment is in English, and English for some reason exceptionally
prefers to use initial uppercase for language names.)

>    4. Intended meaning of the subtag:
>    5. Reference to published description
>       of the language (book or article): Two main publications describe
> the language :
> - a spanish-kichwa diccionary

"diccionary" -> "dictionary"; or in full "a spanish-kichwa diccionary" ->
"Spanish-Kichwa dictionary"

> (

The title as given in the PDF document is "Kichwa, Yachakukkunapa Shimiyuk
Kamu". The references should be given as in a bibliography, with title,
names of authors, date, etc.

> - an extensive Grammar book that describe the rules of the language
> (
>    6. Any other relevant information:
>        Test wiki for Wikipedia at Wikimedia Incubator:
> hwa_Wikipedia
>        Code at is qu-ec, used for spellchecker:

I would also like to ask why "qu-EQ" is not sufficient.

    /Kent K

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