Language tags and (localization) processes (Re: [Ltru] draft-davis-t-langtag-ext)

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Jul 14 06:20:48 CEST 2011

Andrew Glass scripsit:

> pi-Latn-t-pi-Sinh-t-pra


> Do I understand the intent of the proposal correctly such that this
> tag would be invalid because a singleton t follows the language tag
> already introduced with t? 

No, it's invalid because it's invalid to have more than one -t-
extension in the same tag.  But the -t- description could be extended to
allow pi-Latn-t-pi-Sinh-t0-pra, or something of the sort.  What's banned
in -t- is language tags containing -i- (all of which are grandfathered),
because that looks like the -t- extension ends and a new -i- extension
(not defined) starts.

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