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On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 10:16, Doug Ewell <doug at ewellic.org> wrote:

> Mark Davis 🍹 <mark at macchiato dot com> wrote:
> > Note to Doug: The CLDR committee had agreed to move the descriptions into
> the bcp47 files, such as
> http://unicode.org/repos/cldr/trunk/common/bcp47/calendar.xml. Yoshito has
> the action to do that, and was able to accelerate it. So please take a look
> if you have the time.
> This is excellent.  Adding the descriptions to the bcp47 files reduces
> or eliminates the need for BCP 47 users (English-speaking ones, anyway)
> to drag in additional CLDR files and makes them much more like a
> registry.  Users who want the descriptions in other languages, say
> French, can still access "fr.xml" as before.


> The changes in Section 2.6 to add transparency to the process, and in
> Section 2.7 to specify more about the structure of the data, are also
> big improvements.  You can see how much better this is for the user than
> "The data and specification will be available by the time this internet
> draft has been approved," though that sentence is still in place.  I
> hope future changes to -u- data also follow this transparent process,
> even though 6067 doesn't require it.

Yes, the committee wants to follow the same process for both.

> (Note that you'll want to spell-check "discription.")

got it.

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