Applying for a common Moroccan Amazigh subtag

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Tue Jan 4 16:26:32 CET 2011

Le 04/01/11 09:16, Stephane Bortzmeyer a écrit :
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>> Everybody agrees it is "macrolanguage"
> I have a doubt here. From your description, it really seemed it was a
> new language, some form of "standard berber", not a macrolanguage.

[PA] Well, that is really the question.  Any disadvantage of choosing a 
macrolanguage over a new language code? Which is easier to get? Which is 
preferred by software implementors?

Is it best to let the ISO 639-3 Registrarmake that decision? (What 
should be done then? Applying for both a macrolanguage and a new 
language code?)

>> and ISO 639-3 is the way?
> Yes. New language, their business first. RFC 5646, section 3.6 :
> Before attempting to register a language subtag, there MUST be an
> attempt to register the language with ISO 639.

[PA]  So I understand 639-2 is out of the question...?

P. A.

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