Applying for a common Moroccan Amazigh subtag

Patrick Andries patrick at
Tue Jan 4 06:11:26 CET 2011

Le 03/01/11 23:48, John Cowan a écrit :
>> Type: language
>> Subtag: mac
>> Description: Moroccan Common Amazigh
>> Suppress-Script: Tfng
> 'mac' means Macedonian,
[PA] It is indeed in ISO 639-2/B, I simply looked in the IANA language 
subtag registry. Forgot that some values not listed may not be registered.
> so it's not available.  'zgh' would work.

[PA] Okay, I see the idea : (ama)z(i)gh. Could be sold I suppose.

Everybody agrees it is "macrolanguage" and ISO 639-3 is the way? How 
about the time frame?

P. A.

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