Another correction to 'Hluw'

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Dec 14 15:09:02 CET 2011

Due to a copy-paste error, the registration form for ‘Hluw’ referred to ISO 639-3 instead of ISO 15924.  Here’s a corrected version.  This non-substantial correction should not affect the term of the review period.  Thanks to Debbie Garside for catching this.



1. Name of requester: Doug Ewell
2. E-mail address of requester: doug at
3. Record Requested:

   Type: script
   Subtag: Hluw
   Description: Anatolian Hieroglyphs
   Description: Luwian Hieroglyphs
   Description: Hittite Hieroglyphs

4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

5. Reference to published description
   of the language (book or article):

6. Any other relevant information:

   This registration tracks a change made to ISO 15924 effective
   2011-12-09, adding the code element 'Hluw' for "Anatolian Hieroglyphs
   (Luwian Hieroglyphs, Hittite Hieroglyphs)".

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