Language subtag registration for acor1990 (amended from ao1990)

Phillips, Addison addison at
Fri Aug 26 18:33:20 CEST 2011

> We've used '1901' and '1996' for German and '1994' for the Resian dialect of
> Slovenian, and the sky hasn't fallen.  Maybe that is the most sensible model to
> follow.  If we feel we must add letters to clarify what the year means, let's at
> least decide whether the letters should precede the year (like 'alalc97'  and
> 'baku1926' and 'luna1918' and
> 'petr1708') or follow it (like '1606nict' and '1694acad' and '1959acad'), and
> let's stick to that one convention instead of switching back and forth.

I tend to prefer the letters-followed-by-date convention (luna1918) over the other flavor. Although we have date-only subtags, registering more might be problematic in that there is a relatively narrow number of years and eventually two languages will make (or be "discovered" to have made) some important-to-tag (but unrelated) change in the same year. That would, indeed, be confusing for users (there are two subtags: '1994' and 'xx1994'??)

Note: in practice, these kinds of subtags are rarely used and should be rarely used. In this case, in nearly all cases "pt" or one of the regional variations (pt-BR, pt-PT) will continue to be the best choice for identifying Portuguese content. I agree that the requester has a need to register subtags (he needs to identify specific spelling and text processing options for Portuguese). That doesn't mean that these subtags should be widely used.


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