Language subtag registration for acor1990 (ammended from ao1990)

João Miguel Neves joao at
Thu Aug 25 17:09:41 CEST 2011

Em 25-08-2011 15:59, Philip Newton escreveu:
>> We got along pretty well in PT without <1911> and <1945> subtags.
>> I mean 1911 was a major reform that changed drammatically the outlook of the
>> written Portuguese language in Portugal (typographico > tipográfico,
>> grammatica > gramática, archetypo > arquétipo, millennio > milénio). No need
>> for it was felt in past 100 yrs...
>> Shouldn’t one wait till the 1990-reform is fully enforced in Portugal and
>> the remaining countries to add the subtag?
> I believe this is a question to be addressed to João Miguel Neves, who
> proposed the subtag, not to the ietf-languages list.
I started this because I need it. I'm responsible for the pt-PT version
of Firefox and other Mozilla apps. At the moment I have the need for
different tags to handle language registration for spellcheckers and
hyphenation information. Mozilla is now working on adopting BCP 47, so I
ended up feeling the need of having this variants to the registry (or
just using made up versions in Mozilla products). I decided that if
there was a process, I might as well follow it and help others in the

So, exactly because the 1990 agreement is not in full-force is the
reason why I need the variant tags. Given that I have a group of people
that are committed to maintain spellcheckers and hyphenation rules for
the prior language, I need some way to mark them apart. Until 2015 I
have to handle both variants, waiting until then for the problem to
disappear means losing users.

Best regards,
João Miguel Neves

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