Language subtag registration for ao1990

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Not quite: you (or anyone) can submit a revised record. The revised record only has to appear on the list for *one* week (the overall request must have at least a two week review period). Here's the text in question:

Registration requests receive a two-week
   review period before being approved and submitted to IANA for
   inclusion in the registry.  If modifications are made to the request
   during the course of the registration process (such as corrections to
   meet the requirements in Section 3.1 or to make the 'Description'
   fields unique for the given record type), the modified form MUST also
   be sent to <ietf-languages at> at least one week prior to
   submission to IANA.


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> Hi João,
> 2011/8/24 João Miguel Neves <joao at>:
> > Do I need to submit a new form with acor1990 instead of ao1990 to the list?
> Yes, you do - or rather, *someone* has to submit a changed form, so that the
> list can comment on it, and it's probably best if you do so.
> If no changes are proposed during the waiting period (two weeks, I believe), it
> can be forwarded. So if people ask for changes, it could conceivably be
> necessary for you to post yet another amended version, etc., until there is one
> people are satisfied with. (In practice, people hopefully comment on problems
> they have the first time around so only one re-submission should be necessary.)
> Cheers,
> Philip
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