Language subtag registration for ao1990

João Miguel Neves joao at
Wed Aug 24 18:21:48 CEST 2011

Thank you both, just sent it.
João Miguel Neves

Em 24-08-2011 17:02, Phillips, Addison escreveu:
> Not quite: you (or anyone) can submit a revised record. The revised record only has to appear on the list for *one* week (the overall request must have at least a two week review period). Here's the text in question:
> --
> Registration requests receive a two-week
>    review period before being approved and submitted to IANA for
>    inclusion in the registry.  If modifications are made to the request
>    during the course of the registration process (such as corrections to
>    meet the requirements in Section 3.1 or to make the 'Description'
>    fields unique for the given record type), the modified form MUST also
>    be sent to <ietf-languages at> at least one week prior to
>    submission to IANA.
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> Addison
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>> Hi João,
>> 2011/8/24 João Miguel Neves <joao at>:
>>> Do I need to submit a new form with acor1990 instead of ao1990 to the list?
>> Yes, you do - or rather, *someone* has to submit a changed form, so that the
>> list can comment on it, and it's probably best if you do so.
>> If no changes are proposed during the waiting period (two weeks, I believe), it
>> can be forwarded. So if people ask for changes, it could conceivably be
>> necessary for you to post yet another amended version, etc., until there is one
>> people are satisfied with. (In practice, people hopefully comment on problems
>> they have the first time around so only one re-submission should be necessary.)
>> Cheers,
>> Philip
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