Language subtag registration for ao1990

João Miguel Neves joao at
Mon Aug 22 01:52:58 CEST 2011

Em 21-08-2011 23:52, Michael Everson escreveu:
> On 21 Aug 2011, at 23:39, João Miguel Neves wrote:
>> Thanks. I don't know what makes a good prefix for the subtag. Could you
>> please explain why acor1990 is better than ao1990?
> It is less opaque.
>> PS: unfortunately the opinion on the agreement is irrelevant for me, as
>> I still have to manage both pre and post agreement until 2015.
> I would prefer to see a concomitant request for the standard European Portuguese pre-"accord" spelling so that the distinction could be made by those who require it. 
No problem, just sent it. There are three more relevant candidates for
subtags: pre-1911, 1911 reform in Portugal and the 1943 agreement
between Portugal and Brazil that Portugal implemented in 1945, but
Brasil only implemented in 1971, with the ammendment from 1971.

None of them are being currently used, so I'm not sure if I should do it
(I have really no particular interest in doing it). Suggestions?

Best regards,
João Miguel Neves

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