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Philip Newton philip.newton at
Thu Aug 11 09:01:01 CEST 2011

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 00:49, Doug Ewell <doug at> wrote:
> Philip Newton <philip dot newton at gmail dot com> wrote:
>>> For those who care, note that the numeric code for Sudan changes, but
>>> the two-letter code doesn't (ugg).
>> I expect that this means that a code "736" will be registered with the
>> language subtag registry, to refer to the area formerly represented by
>> "SD"?
> No, the reverse would happen: if we were to decide that this constitutes
> "reuse" of an alpha-2 code element, we would keep 'SD' for the old Sudan
> and register '729' for the new one.

Ah, I understand.

> I suggest that the Reviewer and list members consider this question
> during the two-week review period for the following proposed record and
> registration form.  I personally do not feel region subtags are designed
> to capture this level of geographical detail, but others may feel
> differently.

My non-expert opinion is that keeping 'SD' is fine; adding '729' is
not necessary.

Philip Newton <philip.newton at>

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