Registration forms and records for recent ISO-based changes

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Aug 1 23:03:37 CEST 2011

At last, here are the proposed records and registration forms for
changes to the Language Subtag Registry that are based on recent updates
to ISO 639-3 (40 changes), ISO 3166-1 (one change), and ISO 15924 (three
changes).  These are posted for a two-week review period as per BCP 47.

Because of the number of records and forms, I am splitting them up into
six separate e-mails (to follow).  The ISO 639-3 changes will be
organized according to their headings in the 2010 "Summary of Outcomes"

- Retirements from other than normal split of a language code element
- Retirements and creations from code element splits
- Entirely new code elements
- Updates: Name, Scope, Macrolanguage membership, Denotation changes

The 3166-1 and 15924 changes will appear in separate e-mails.  This is
intended to make the amount of review material more manageable for those
who might want to review only part of the data.

Please send any corrections, comments, and questions to this list.

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