deprecating www as language code

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Fri Apr 8 19:21:41 CEST 2011

And they also always live forever in BCP47. So deprecation wouldn't achieve

As for reserving other codes, it is also pointless. There are too many
in use, and about half of the code space (17,576) are already taken up by
language codes already. This is the same issue with the overlap of the
region and language codes; protocols and conventions need to avoid using
environments where language codes (or country codes) overlap with other
entities. If a domain label is going to be used for arbitrary language
codes, use it only for language codes.

(And as Doug points out, wikipedia deviates from BCP47 anyway.)


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> > but remember that, even if ISO 639 changes the code, RFC
> > 5646 rules (section 3.4) will still make the code live forever
> > (even if it is with "Deprecated: 2011-04-08" and "Preferred-Value: wwx").
> Codes live forever in ISO 639-3; they may be deprecated, and they might no
> longer be published in the main list, but they are always defined and retain
> their meaning.
> Peter
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