Variant subtag request: iso91995

Avram Lyon ajlyon at
Thu Sep 23 09:59:09 CEST 2010

2010/9/22 Yury Tarasievich <yury.tarasievich at>:
> Well, GOST 7.79 has five tables in the body (and two in Appendices). Table 1
> and 2 are transliteration of Slavonic and non-Slavonic alphabets, and Table
> 3 is re-transliteration, and all three are marked as 'Система А'
> (transliteration using diacritics). Tables 4 and 5 are, indeed, translit.
> and re-translit. of ru,be,uk,bg,mk using no diacritics. These are marked as
> 'Система Б' (transliteration using letters' combinations -
> 'буквосочетания').

In that case, we certainly want to make sure that we include reference
to GOST 7.79 System A in the comments field of the ISO 9:1995 subtag.

It would be appropriate to add an additional subtag for GOST 7.79
System B. Is it equivalent to alalc97 for the languages it covers, by
any chance?

I will try to sit down and draft a new ISO 9:1995 subtag request.
Yury, would you like to try drafting one for GOST 7.79 System B or
others of the transliteration systems you listed? For variants like
these that are established by international standards processes, the
form is relatively straightforward.



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