North Frisian dialects

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Fri Sep 17 17:43:53 CEST 2010

"Martin J. Dürst" <duerst at it dot aoyama dot ac dot jp> wrote:

> Given the limitations with RFCs, it might be easier to concentrate on
> the actual registration templates on the mailing list, and have a
> pointer from the RFC to the registration templates in case the RFC is
> needed for other reasons, rather than using the RFC as a vehicle for
> registration. Contrary to e.g. MIME type registrations, where an RFC
> approved by the IESG carries a stronger weight than just a discussion
> on the ietf-types mailing list, there is no such provision for
> language subtags.

In fact, we are not empowered to act on registration forms that appear
anywhere other than this list.  Publishing them in an Internet-Draft
(whether or not it advances to RFC) may be useful as a way to document
the requests for the ages, but not as an alternative submission stream.
All I plan to do with the I-D is repost its individual registration
forms here (fixing 'karrhard' in the process) so we can act on them.

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