Proposed new variant subtag: pre1917

Avram Lyon ajlyon at
Wed Sep 15 21:53:59 CEST 2010

2010/9/15 Michael Everson <everson at>:
>> I don't know that there's a clear precedent either way.  We have '1606nict' and '1694acad' and '1959acad' on one hand, and 'alalc97' and 'baku1926' on the other hand.
> luna- over orth-.

I really am not terribly concerned about what the tag looks like.
luna1917 or orth1917 are both fine.

I do think that I have a need for both subtags that I have requested;
there was a question whether the second one, for the orthography
currently in use, is needed. I am requesting these to be used with the
upcoming multilingual entity support in the research software Zotero,
where users will be able to maintain publication titles, author names,
etc. in multiple languages (and variants, scripts, etc.); the
languages are defined using the language tag/subtag system. The
citation requirements of bibliography styles are already supposed to
be defined in terms of the same language tags (in CSL). As I try to
maintain the original publication data unchanged in my research, I
need a way to have something like:
ru-petrine : Очеркъ литературной дѣятельности казанскихъ
татаръ-мохаммеданъ за 1880-1895
ru-luna1917 : Очерк литуратурной деятельности казанских
татар-мохаммедан за 1880-1895
ru-Latn-luna1917-alalc97 : Ocherk literaturnoi deiatel'nosti
kazanskikh tatar-mokhammedan za 1880-1895 [Note: This doesn't conform
strictly to the ALA-LC guidelines, since it omits diacritical marks.
Also, luna1917 might be unnecessary here -- I think that alalc97 might
stipulate that modernized orthography be used regardless of the
original usage.]
If I don't have a way to name the second line, then I don't have a way
of noting that it is specifically in the luna1917 orthography, and not
just unspecified "ru".

Should I go ahead and submit another revised request for the post-1917
orthography with a new name? The choice of name is not important to me
at all.



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