Proposed new variant subtag: pre1917

Avram Lyon ajlyon at
Mon Sep 13 18:20:55 CEST 2010

John Cowan <cowan at mercury dot ccil dot org> wrote:
> I would propose the tag "grazhdan", the root of _grazhdanskij_
> 'civil', the word usually applied to Peter's reformed letter shapes.

I am happy with this amended subtag; my revised submission is below.

2010/9/13 Doug Ewell <doug at>:
> What would you propose for the 1917 (sometimes cited as 1918) reform by
> Shakhmatov that is in use today?  Those would be our two subtags.

If we like names instead of numbers, then I think that "shakhmat"
would be a great subtag. Should I formulate a request for this subtag
as well?

 -- Avram

Revised subtag request, formerly for "pre1917":
  1. Name of requester: Avram Lyon
  2. E-mail address of requester: ajlyon at
  3. Record Requested:

     Type: variant
     Subtag: grazhdan
     Description: Russian orthography from the Petrine orthographic
reforms of 1708 to the 1917 orthographic reform
     Prefix: ru

  4. Intended meaning of the subtag:
This variant subtag is intended to apply to text presented in the
Russian Civil Script, after the Petrine orthographic reforms of 1708
and before the December 23, 1917 orthographic reform developed by
  5. Reference to published description
     of the language (book or article):
Грот, Яков Карлович «Русское правописание» (1885) [Grot, Iakov
Karlovich _Russian_Orthography_ (1885)]
Декрет Наркомпроса РСФСР от 23.12.1917 года «О введении нового
правописания», published in «Газета Временного Рабочего и
Крестьянского Правительства», № 40, 23.12.1917 [Decree of the People's
Commission for Enlightenment of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist
Republic on 23 December 1917 "On the introduction of the new
orthography", published in the "Newspaper of the Temporary Workers'
and Peasants' Government", No. 40, 23 December 1917]
  6. Any other relevant information:
The decree referenced above lays out the differences between the orthography
denoted by the present subtag and the modern (post-1917) norm. The subtag does
not distinguish between orthographic variants in the intervening
years. Iakov Grot's 1885 _Russian_Orthography_ provides the first full
description of the orthography and the established norm.

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