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On 1 Oct 2010, at 23:56, Doug Ewell wrote:

> 4.  Wolof Suppress-Script
> This was proposed by Peter (with form) on September 19.  Peter noted that a convention exists for writing Wolof in the Arabic script, making the Latin Suppress-Script field inappropriate.  There was no objection from the list on removing this field.
> Peter agreed to my suggestion to remove the Comments field explaining the rationale for removing S-S.  The revised record and registration form are at the end of this message.  Since the original proposal has been out for more than a week, only one additional week of review is
> needed, so this will be eligible for IANA submission on October 8 (or
> whenever Michael is available after that date).

I have had a long discussion with Peter about this (in person here in Busan) and I rescind my rejection of the removal of S-S for Wolof. Make it so.


File-Date: 2010-10-08
Type: language
Subtag: wo
Description: Wolof
Added: 2005-10-16


  1. Name of requester: Peter Constable
  2. E-mail address of requester: petercon at
  3. Record Requested:

     Type: language
     Subtag: wo
     Description: Wolof

  4. Intended meaning of the subtag: Wolof

  5. Reference to published description
     of the language (book or article):

DPLN Senegal. ca 2002. Tableau Général des Alphabets - Arabe/Langues
Nationales en Caractères Coraniques Harmonisés et leurs Correspondants
en Caractères Latins. Direction de la Promotion des Langues Nationales
(DPLN). 23, Rue Calmette. Dakar.

  6. Any other relevant information: When the subtag registry was
initialized, the record was added with a suppress-script field set to
Latn. However, there is an Arabic-script orthography for Wolof, in
addition to a Latin orthography. Since a suppress-script is intended
to be used in cases in which a single script is used "to write the
overwhelming majority of documents for the given language", it is
inappropriate for this field to be used for Wolof.

Michael Everson *

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