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Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

>> There does need to be closure on the outstanding requests; they can't
>> just float around.  I realize that has the potential to conflict with
>> personal travel schedules.
> I ruled.

Please post a notice to the list when you become available to forward
the paperwork for the two Russian-variant requests to IANA, or delegate
this task.

>> It sounded to me as though Mark was talking strictly about the kind of
>> phonemic spelling you see in dictionaries that don't use IPA...
> This does not address my concern.

It was meant to address Kent's concern, which I understood to be the
possible instability of 'respell' if applied to alternative spellings
used for ordinary text that later become widely adopted "reforms" and
mert their own subtag.

I understood your concern to be that 'respell' is too general to be
useful, given the wide assortment of respelling systems out there, and
Mark's response to be that (a) sometimes this is more useful than not
being able to indicate respelling at all, and (b) specific respelling
systems like Merriam-Webster could always be registered with a Prefix of

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