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Fri Oct 1 19:11:48 CEST 2010

On 2 Oct 2010, at 00:03, Kent Karlsson wrote:

>> Michael said "please wait" on September 15, then suggested 'petr1708'
>> and 'luna1918' on September 17.  No significant objection to these
>> subtag values has emerged since then, but I wasn't sure there was enough
>> consensus for final forms yet, so none have been sent to the list.
> I have no objection to 'petr1708' and 'luna1918'.

Yes, I think those are fine and I can approve them.

>> 2. ISO 9:1995
>> Registering separate subtags for "System A" (transliteration with
>> diacritics, ISO 9 and GOST 7.79) and "System B" (transcription to letter
>> combinations, only in GOST) was also discussed.  This thread also seems
>> to have died down without consensus.  Consequently, there are no final
>> forms yet.
> This is woefully inadequate, in particular the proposed variant subtag
> is inadequate.

I still like iscyrl95 as being meaningful. I'll reject this one now to re-start the clock when Avram gets more energy and attempts a more comprehensive set of requests.

>> 4.  Wolof Suppress-Script
>> This was proposed by Peter (with form) on September 19.  Peter noted
>> that a convention exists for writing Wolof in the Arabic script, making
>> the Latin Suppress-Script field inappropriate.  There was no objection
>> from the list on removing this field.
> That "a convention exists for writing Wolof in the Arabic script" is very
> far from denying that "the overwhelming majority of documents in Wolof
> are written in the Latin script". The former may well be true without in
> any way diminishing the truth of the latter. For this suppress-script to
> be removed, I'd like to see a convincing argument that the latter
> statement isn't true.

I agree with Kent on this one. I doubt this is pressing, so I'd like to grant Peter a continuance WHOOPS Peter will be at WG2 all next week too, I guess, so let's reject this for now and the two-week clock can start again when/if he re-files supplying such evidence.

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