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Hi.  (I hope my previous message did not go through; it was still in the draft stage);


> Doug Ewell doug at 
> Tue May 4 15:25:05 CEST 2010 

> Section 5.1 of RFC 5646 requires IANA to create a new mailing list, 
> ietf-languages-announcements at, and send a message to that 
> list whenever the Language Subtag Registry is updated.  What needs to be 
> done to make that happen?

> --
> Doug Ewell  




Doug:  hope my response is useful; is anyone already helping with this? 


(If so my comments may be off base and unneeded) 


It seems that once there is a url / email account for ietf-languages-announcements
ietf-languages needs to follow the instructions at:

for all non working-group lists:

"To add a list, or to update or delete an existing entry, please send an email to an appropriate Area Director for approval, and ask him/her to forward the approved request to ietf-action at When adding a list, please provide the following information:

•The name and email address of the submitter 
•The name of the list 
•The URL or email address of the list 
•The name(s) and email address(es) of the list administrator(s) 
•The purpose of the list 
•The IETF Area to which the list belongs
•The URL or other instructions for subscribing to the list

"The following types of lists SHOULD be added:

•Directorates (see also the list of directorates) 
•Review lists specified in IANA procedures "

(Can't someone temporarily create the list at ? -- I myself would also be as happy with something at; 
however we still eventually need something at the iana domain though and I do not know how to do this;
Sorry I waited so long to reply!  I expected someone else to reply to this)


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