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> On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 17:13, ISO639-3 <ISO639-3 at> wrote:
>> I am interested in this group's thoughts regarding whether the
>> Serbo-Croatian macrolanguage in Part 3 (though not included in Part 2, and
>> deprecated in Part 1) is a factor, and in what ways.

> I was rereading emails and I saw this question again. So, it is just a
> matter of IETF languages, but, clearly a matter of ISO 639.

> Articulated solution and according to the whole situation should be:
> * Make hbs code obsolete and return it to mark a single language,
> Serbo-Croatian standard.
Definitely some code should mark the standard; I believe the macro-language code can do so.  (A description field can be added or changed and/or a comments field added.)
> * Add codes for Kaykavian, Chakavian and Torlakian as languages. (They
> are already in 639-6.)
Well we have not yet integrated 639-6 and these are not yet standards in the sense that Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin are. 
Plus as far as I know none of these is associated with a particular country.  So I am not sure in this regard.  Perhaps these codes can wait a tiny bit.
> * Add codes for Shtokavian as a macrolanguage. (Also existing in 639-6.)
Replacing to some degree, but not exactly, [sh] -- o.k.  I prefer Shtokavian to simply Neo-Shtokavian because it is more inclusive -- although by only registering the four languages -- Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Bosnian -- we imply that is all there is to it.
> * Put Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian under Shtokavian macrolanguage.
Should not [hbs], Serbo-Croatian standard, also be encompassed under Shtokavian?
> * Add code for Montenegrin and put it under Shtokavian macrolanguage.
This is fine with me -- Montenegro is an independent country and the language is considered a standard.  There may be cases however whether it is impossible to identify content as belonging to a particular standard -- such as Montenegrin or Serbian as far as I can tell from what you've said of content that was supposedly Montenegrin.  Thus I think that in many cases it will be easier to tag content with the macro-language tag, but the individual tags will help language/dialect development.


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