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>> By all linguistic reasons (1) is a language, not a macrolanguage.
>> But, again, Neo-Shtokavian or just Shtokavian are better terms.
> So, there we can identify a proposal for 'sh': Add 'Neo-Shtokavian' as
> a name synonymous with Serbo-Croatian.
> I would also suggest to the following synonym/name changes:
> 'sr' = Serbian standard variant of Neo-Shtokavian
> 'bs' = Bosnian standard variant of Neo-Shtokavian
> 'hr' = Croatian standard variant of Neo-Shtokavian
> Montenegrin subtag = Montengrin standard variant of Neo-Shtokavian

I can hardly think of a course of action that would be more certain to
subject the Reviewer and ietf-languages participants to charges of
political motivation and bias, regardless of whether these new
Description fields are intended to replace or supplement the existing

Descriptions in the Language Subtag Registry are supposed to follow
these guidelines, as quoted from RFC 5646, Section 3.1.5:

"The 'Description' field is used for identification purposes.
Descriptions SHOULD contain all and only that information necessary to
distinguish one subtag from others with which it might be confused. They
are not intended to provide general background information or to provide
all possible alternate names or designations. 'Description' fields don't
necessarily represent the actual native name of the item in the record,
nor are any of the descriptions guaranteed to be in any particular
language (such as English or French, for example).

"Descriptions in the registry that correspond to ISO 639, ISO 15924, ISO
3166-1, or UN M.49 codes are intended only to indicate the meaning of
that identifier as defined in the source standard at the time it was
added to the registry or as subsequently modified, within the bounds of
the stability rules (Section 3.4), via subsequent registration."

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