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Wed Jun 16 00:10:36 CEST 2010

Kent Karlsson, Tue, 15 Jun 2010 20:51:43 +0200:
> Den 2010-06-15 17.13, skrev "ISO639-3" <ISO639-3 at>:

>> I am interested in this group's thoughts regarding whether the
>> Serbo-Croatian macrolanguage in Part 3 (though not included in Part 2, and
>> deprecated in Part 1) is a factor, and in what ways.
> From the information I've seen, I think 'sh' should be undeprecated in
> part 1 (as we did for IANA language subtags), and 'hbs' be included in
> part 2 (each part 1 code must have an equivalent part 2 code).
> Since the [bs / bos], [hr / hrv], and [sr / srp] codes seem to be created
> for purely political reasons, these should be deprecated, and ISO (i.e. the
> relevant RA:s for language codes) should resist this kind of politicised
> codes.

+1 (!) This would be my absolute preference.

> While it sometimes may be hard to draw the line between what should
> be regarded as different languages or just different dialects of the same
> language, it seems that here there are just some rather minor differences
> of dialects of the same language and even smaller differences in
> orthography (more of experimental, even failing, spelling reforms than
> anything else). The Latn/Cyrl script difference is another matter, and
> there is apparently a one-to-one correspondence in this case (which isn't
> always the case when converting between Latn and Cyrl for words/names;
> depending on languages *and* spelling preferences per word/name).
leif halvard silli

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