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An application was made to ISO 639-3. However, such a proposal cannot be
considered by the Part 3 RA as long as Montenegrin is still considered to be
encompassed by [sr] in ISO 639-2, The request was therefore sent on to the
ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee. For Serbian and Montenegrin, there is no
separate answer in ISO 639-3 that is not the same answer in ISO 639-2.

There is a code element in ISO 639-3 which could be a factor in this
discussion, though I recognize that it raises its own set of complications.
In ISO 639-3, there is still an active code element for Serbo-Croatian [hbs]
([sh] deprecated), with a scope of Macrolanguage, and the constituent
languages [bs / bos], [hr / hrv], and [sr / srp]. This arrangement
recognizes the Serbo-Croatian diasystem, with three associated standard
forms. "Standard forms" would seem to be the more appropriate interpretation
of [bs / bos] ; [hr / hrv] ; and [sr / srp], as opposed to "all the
varieties of this language as spoken in Bosnia ; Croatia ; Serbia," but that
interpretation seems to be at the heart of the matter.  The standard forms
clearly do not collectively encompass all that the Serbo-Croatian code
element encompasses.

I am interested in this group's thoughts regarding whether the
Serbo-Croatian macrolanguage in Part 3 (though not included in Part 2, and
deprecated in Part 1) is a factor, and in what ways.


Joan Spanne
SIL International, ISO 639-3 Registration Authority

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is a huge argument, which the pro side isn't going to win until they
get an ISO-639-3 language code. I'm somewhat annoyed that they haven't
applied to SIL for that necessary and probably sufficient thing.

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