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> Doug Ewell, Fri, 11 Jun 2010 08:13:07 -0600:
>> Milos Rancic <millosh at gmail dot com> wrote:
>>>> Option 1: Montenegrin continues to be represented by sr-ME.
>>> This option is not good as there are speakers of standard Serbian 
>>> language in Montenegro. So, sr-ME should mean "Serbian spoken in 
>>> Montenegro" as sr-Ba means "Serbian spoken in Bosnia and 
>>> Herzegovina".
>> Region subtags in BCP 47 identify the language variation typically 
>> identified with that country or region, not the country in which the 
>> speaker happens to be physically located.  A person who speaks the 
>> Serbian-standard dialect is speaking "sr-RS" regardless of whether he 
>> or she lives in Serbia, Montenegro, or Bhutan.

> To which Milos Rancic, Sat, 12 Jun 2010 04:40:52 +0200 replied:
>> In relation to the written language, there are no national differences
>> between variants of Serbian language.

> [ snip to Milos' conclusion about the written language: ]

>> In other words, if it is so, then sr-BA and sr-ME, as well as hr-BA
>> and hr-ME, don't exist.
>> At the *spoken* level, there are dialect differences, but written
>> language is always the same. Besides that, there are no spoken
>> differences between Serbian and Montenegrin in, let's say, Podgorica.

> Doug: So, I am not sure there is any difference between you and Milos 
> here. The way I perceived Milos, he emphasized that he talked about the 
> spoken language. (Though I am also going to ask Milos a question - see 
> below.)

> Milos: So, when you said 'So, sr-ME should mean "Serbian spoken in 
> Montenegro"', you meant 'So, sr-ME should mean "a Montenegrin dialect 
> of the Serbian Language"'?

What Milos seems to be saying is that, in the case that the written versions of the language are being specified, the country/regional codes do not add information to the sr or hr subtags.

Is this correct?
This is all the additional information on Montenegrin that I can locate:

If a language subtag is not approved (and I am unsure at this point what I think -- though I do not disapprove of one -- as there are three supposedly different characters with different pronunciations), 
then an alternate name for Serbian and the tag sr-ME -- as suggested -- would be o.k. for me too.


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