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   1. Name of requester: Mark Davis
   2. E-mail address of requester: markdavis at
   3. Record Requested:

      Type: region

      Subtag: 003

      Description: North America

      Prefix: n/a
      Preferred-Value: n/a
      Deprecated: n/a
      Suppress-Script: n/a
      Macrolanguage: n/a
      Comments: n/a

   4. Intended meaning of the subtag: Defined by UN M.49 code 003
(North America)

   5. Reference to published description
      of the language (book or article): UN M.49, a source standard for BCP47

   6. Any other relevant information:

The code 003 code in UN M.49, one of the source standards for BCP47,
was mistakenly omitted when BCP47 was updated. (This is
understandable, because it is in an unexpected location on the UN M.49
site: It is the
UN code for the continent of North America (the related 021 is not
considered to be a continent), and prominent in use within CLDR, used
by and important to many companies and organizations such as Apple,
Google, IBM, Adobe, Yahoo, and many others.

It is very much like the region 419, in being composed of other regions:

(021,013,029) = 003 North America
(013,029,005) = 419 Latin America and the Caribbean

Cf. BCP47:

       A.  UN numeric codes assigned to 'macro-geographical
(continental)' or sub-regions MUST be registered in the
registry.  These codes are not associated with an assigned
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code and represent supra-national areas,
usually covering more than one nation, state, province, or
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