Language Variant subtags for Sanskrit

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Wed Jul 21 21:04:22 CEST 2010

Den 2010-07-21 01.05, skrev "Caoimhin O Donnaile" <caoimhin at>:

> By these kind of criteria, would Vedic Sanskrit count as a
> separate "language"?  LinguistList certainly considers it a separate
> language rather than a dialect:

And they count as "child languages" to Vedic Sanskrit:
    Sanskrit; Classical Sanskrit; sanskrit (san)
    Paisaci Prakrit; Prakrit (qpp)
    G?ndh?ri (092)

Note that they equate the "san" ("sa") code to Classical Sanskrit!

("091", "qpp", and "092" are LinguistList internal codes, while "san" is an
ISO 639-3 code that is equivalent to the ISO 639-1 code "sa".)

    /kent k

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