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Mon Jan 25 07:36:24 CET 2010

Randy Presuhn scripsit:

> It's important to me anyway) that the language Doug cited earlier in
> this thread  (RFC 5646 4.1.2) does not "and" those criteria together.
> Indeed, I had not understood (b) to even be a criterion, but rather an
> observation about the data.  As I see it, the overwhelming factor was (a),
> and it just happens that cases that satisfy (a) typically (and not surprisingly,
> considering the history) satisfy (b) as well.

Well, they're easy to count in Peter's email (things have changed
a bit since then, but it's indicative).  Among the languages meeting
criterion (a), macrolanguage tag regularly used in IT, the distribution
of macrolanguages and encompassed languages is as follows:

One dominant encompassed language (Peter's category 2): 6 macrolanguages,
50 encompassed languages

No dominant encompassed language (Peter's category 3): 8 macrolanguages,
58 encompassed languages

More than one dominant encompassed language (Peter's category 4):
1 macrolanguage, 2 encompassed languages

So your claim of typicality doesn't really stand up.

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