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>> But not arbitrarily selected, rather selected on the criteria that (a)
>> the macrolanguage subtag had been widely used in IT and (b) there was
>> a single dominant variety.  Latvian qualifies on both counts.

>(a) was certainly a consideration.
>As far as I can recall, (b) was not.  I do not know why (b) would have been
>a valid criterion.  We would (I believe) have come to the same conclusion
>regarding 'zh' regardless of the Cantonese:Mandarin ratio.
I agree with Randy here.


My objection to extension language status for Standard Latvian and Latgalian was that, as far as I could tell, from a perfunctory glance at the online documents specified in the change request, the tag [lv] was used primarily to tag Standard Latvian. 


(No doubt I have not located it all . . .  please let me know if documents other than those tagged by the Standard Latvian/Latgalian split change requestor are tagged as [lv]; thanks!)


(Another note:  I really do not know whether the list of extended languages is still open or not and I defer to the rest of you on that issue.)


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