Latvian extlang subtags

John Cowan cowan at
Sun Jan 24 02:42:53 CET 2010

Randy Presuhn scripsit:

> (a) was certainly a consideration.
> As far as I can recall, (b) was not.  I do not know why (b) would have been
> a valid criterion.  We would (I believe) have come to the same conclusion
> regarding 'zh' regardless of the Cantonese:Mandarin ratio.

If so, why did we exclude sq-als and sq-aln?  Precisely because
neither variety is dominant.  See, again, Peter Constable's list
at .
With the exception of sgn, the languages with extlang tags are precisely
those listed in his category 2, which he defines as "Macrolanguage ID used
in ICT, and there is a single, dominant variety".  That is no coincidence.

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