ISO 639-3 releases list of 2009 changes

John Cowan cowan at
Sat Jan 23 08:15:55 CET 2010

Mark Davis â?? scripsit:

> If the argument is that ISO 639-3 can't make a change in X *because **the
> Ethnologue says Y, *it doesn't hold water, because the Ethnologue is neither
> part of nor normatively referenced by ISO 639-3.

No, it isn't.  But then the glyphs in the Unicode Standard aren't
normative either, but 'z' just isn't going to be a glyph for LATIN
CAPITAL LETTER Q.  It's just not that likely that ISO 639-3/RA will
change the meaning of code elements in a way which seriously contradicts
the information in the Ethnologue.  They are, after all, basically the
same set of people.

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